Figure 1. All Participants with several PYC Board Members and also G.M. Utut Ardianto before start the championship

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center held the 3rd Junior Chess Championship “The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Trophy.” In this 3rd year, Junior Chess Championship “The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Trophy” was attended by 58 participants. The participants came from various regions, including DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Banten, West Sumatera Barat, Central Kalimantan, DI Yogyakarta, and India.

The event was opened by Mr. Inka B. Yusgiantoro as the Supervisory Board of  The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) and then was continued with an opening remark by G.M. Utut Ardianto. Both of Mr. Inka B. Yusgiantoro and G.M. Utut Ardianto agreed that this event could give a special space for the future junior chess athletes in Indonesia. Additionally, Mr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro as the Founder of The PYC also mentioned that the event was intended to be an opportunity and a trigger for competition among all the children to prepare themselves as future chess athletes.

The event continued with the previous champion, Samantha Edithso, returning the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Trophy back to Mr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro. Samantha is also the 1st Winner of FIDE World Championship 2018 in the U-10 Category. In this occasion, Samantha and Mr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro played a game to symbolize the opening of “Purnomo Yusgiantoro Trophy” competition. Following the game, the competition was started from 10.00 AM until 04.30 PM.

The competition ended with Morado Simanjuntak (DKI Jakarta) as the 1st winner, Miracle Carang Gesang (Jawa Barat) as the 2nd winner, Ahmad Muzaki (Sumatera Barat) as the 3rd winner,  Muh. Khairul Siddiq (Jawa Tengah) as the 4th winner, Aura Cahyati Alifan (Jawa Barat) as the 5th winner, and followed by Nuriya Ramadhani (DKI Jakarta), Uriel Sidabutar (DKI Jakarta), Hasbi Subagyo Putra (Jawa Barat), Aliya Alifia Husada (Jawa Barat) and also Andreas Tio Parulian T. (DKI Jakarta) which consecutively get the 6th until 10th winner.

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