Joint Discussion in Achieving Sustainable Biodiesel

Figure 1. Biodiesel regulations assessment discussion between Coaction Indonesia team and other NGOs.

On April 15, 2019, Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center was invited to a joint discussion between several non-governmental organizations hosted by Coaction Indonesia in Jakarta. The topic of the discussion was the development of biodiesel in Indonesia. Biodiesel, as one of the products of renewable energy in Indonesia, become a hot topic because it is well developed in Indonesia. The biodiesel in Indonesia is made from palm, and Indonesia is the biggest exporter of palm oil alongside Malaysia. Palm oil is commonly used in food industry purposes. However, only the high quality of palm can be utilized as palm oil. The government had tried to reutilize the low quality of palm to give an added value of palm. It was found that palm with lower quality could be used as a biodiesel source. This invention was good news for Indonesia economics so that they could maximize the potency of palm industries. This topic was also brought on Indonesia’s presidential debate on February 19, 2019, on energy, food, infrastructure, natural resources, and the environment as the main theme.

A non-governmental organization focusing on the energy sector in Indonesia has a role in overseeing the government’s performance, especially on the issued regulation and policy. The regulation supposes to have a sustainable goal for energy development. As biodiesel development is essential for Indonesia, the government must consider that the regulation is not only beneficial for them but also the people without risking other sectors that might correlate. Hence, the organizations agreed to have another join discussion in the future and invited other organizations and experts who were focusing on several aspects such as policy, economy, social, and environment.

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