Figure 1. E. Haryadi from PLN Research Institute shared Indonesia’s experience in the integration of renewable energy

Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center had a chance to attend an Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE Technical Meeting and International Conference on Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Generation into Power Systems. On the second day of AORC Technical Meeting 2019 of CIGRE International Conference (26 March 2019), the committee held an Industrial Forum,  tutorial,  panel discussion and parallel paper presentations.

The first session of the day is Industrial Forum which was attended by multinational industry players in the power industry. The presenters of this session included PT PLN, ABB, GE, CPSI and LS Cable. The Industrial Forum provided a medium for the industry to share the latest technology advancement on intermittent renewable energy integration.

In the next session, Christian Schorn, the Convernor of CIGRE C1.30 Working Group, delivered a tutorial on Technical Risks and Solutions from Periodic Large Surpluses or Deficits of Available Renewable Generation. The tutorial addressed the impact and existing solution of integrating intermittent renewable energy to the power system. 

CIGRE also conducted a field experience discussion attended by system operators from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, India and China. The discussion’s focus was to share the recent experience of the operator from each country in solving issues related to AC-DC transmission network. The speaker for the event were Mr. Evi Haryadi (PLN Research Institute), Mr. Suriya Prunhwunmuang (EGAT Thailand), Mr. Suhanee Sutree Chit (Tenaga Nasional Berhad Malaysia), Mr. Takehisa Sakai (MELCO Japan), Mr. Adis Kumar Gupta (India) and Mr. Ke Wang (China State’s Grid Corporation).

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