Figure 1. Dr. Takenori Kobayashi presented a tutorial on Impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) on Distribution Networks

Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center was a participant in the Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE Technical Meeting and International Conference with the theme of Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Generation into Power Systems. There were two CIGRE tutorials and paralleled paper presentation sessions on the third day of the conference (27 March 2019). The day ended with a gala dinner that gave all speakers and delegates a mesmerizing closing ceremony of the conference.

The first tutorial was presented by Prof. Konstantin O. Papailiou on Quo Vadis Overhead Lines. He delivered how the overhead lines change over time. He highlighted the latest development on the overhead line in order to adapt with the present and future necessities by upgrading the line, increasing the current capacity, real monitoring and enhancing the existing overhead line.

The later tutorial addressed the issues of the Impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems on Distribution. The presentation was delivered by Dr. Takenori Kobayashi. He pointed out the benefits and impact of the battery energy storage utilization in power network that includes balancing renewable resource, frequency regulation, peak shavings and load shifting. He also shared Japan’s experience and practical issues of the installation of battery energy storage.


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