Figure 1. Dwi Soetjipto (Head of SKK Migas) presented the strategy to increase national oil and gas reserves and productions

National oil and gas reserves will run out in the next 20 years. At the same time, our domestic production is already unable to fulfill our domestic consumption. Therefore, Indonesia needs a strategy to increase its reserves and production. This topic was discussed on the professor’s forum in Bandung Institute of Technology. As a speaker, Dwi Soetjitpo (Head of SKK Migas) and Prof. Doddy Abdasah (Professor from Petroleum Engineering Bandung Institute of Technology) were invited to present their ideas.

In the first session, Dwi Soetjipto presented the current development of the oil and gas industry. He mentioned around 74 out of 128 basins in Indonesia were undrilled and indicated that Indonesia still has a significant potency in oil and gas discoveries. Hence, national and private oil companies were encouraged to invest and explore the undrilled basins to increase the potential resources and reserves in Indonesia. The replacement of payment scheme, from cost and recovery to gross split, was applied to support this business to be more efficient. Also, 44 out of 217 concessions had changed their payment scheme to gross split.

Exploring, harvesting and optimization of oil and gas field in Indonesia were needed to reach sustainable energy. The first two methods are crucial in Eastern part of Indonesia in finding a breakthrough. On the other hand, optimization is the best option to increase oil production in Western part of Indonesia. Enhance oil recovery (EOR) was one of many ways to optimize oil and gas production. However, this method was passively used due to previous failure. In the second session, Prof. Doddy Abdasah highlighted the use of EOR as it could lift the residual oil saturation to maximum 70% of recovery factor. The problem was EOR was still highly priced. Therefore, he suggested direct gas injection from Natuna field and the use of agricultural waste as EOR surfactant to solve this issue. He believed this solution would encourage national and private oil companies to apply EOR technology massively and it would increase oil and gas reserves and productions.

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