Figure 1. Minister of Defense (left) receiving a book from Admiral (ret.) Prof. Dr. Marsetio (right)

Admiral (ret) Prof. Dr. Marsetio, on Friday, 22 February 2019, launched his book at the Indonesia Defense University (UNHAN) hall. The book titled “Kepemimpinan Nusantara (National Leadership)” is the fourth book from Admiral (Ret) Prof. Dr. Marsetio. Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Gen. (ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu was invited as the keynote speaker at the event. Meanwhile, Dr. Andi Widjajanto as the former Head of Presidential Staff was present to provide a review of the book.

The launch was opened by the Rector of UNHAN, Lt. Gen. Dr. Tri Legionosuko, SIP., MAP. In his opening remarks, the Rector suggested that the students and guests present at this event could get an understanding of what national leadership is as outlined in the book. In addition, he hoped that a new generation of Indonesian leaders with national leadership character will emerge in the future.

In his remarks, Minister of Defense said that Indonesia is currently in need of national leaders who possessed the character of a statesmen; an individual that can make the people of Indonesian feel fair and prosperous, as mandated by the 1945 Constitution. Also hopefully, the national leaders must always base their identity and attitude on Pancasila and NKRI. Indonesian leaders must think strategically and be a visionary.

Dr. Andi Widjajanto in his review, noted that this book by Admiral (Ret), Prof. Dr. Marsetio has academic benefits and is very important especially for future generations. The future leaders of Indonesia are expected to be able to think creatively, innovative, anticipative and always put their base on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. According to him, the book has a strong basic understanding of the philosophy of leadership, especially the style of leadership of the Indonesian nation. The lead character  should not be based on one ethnicity only, but must have a comprehensive understanding on national scope and insight.


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