Figure 1. PYC researcher, Massita Ayu Cindy, gave a lecture to the class

On 28 February 2020, one of PYC researchers, Massita Ayu Cindy was invited by Geophysical Engineering ITB to give a lecture regarding Indonesia’s oil & gas sector. The lecture was held on the ITB Bandung campus and attended by Geophysical Engineering students’ class of 2016 and 2017. As the geophysical engineering students, the oil and gas sector seems to be a familiar topic to be discussed daily especially related to the explorations. However, the economic and policy perspective of the oil and gas sector should be added to give them a more comprehensive understanding.

The class started by traced back to the history of the oil and gas sector in Indonesia, how global oil prices could highly affect government policies. This will give a wider perspective of the reasons behind every previous policy implemented by the government. Learning from the past is also essential to predict what will happen and what should be done in the future. Next, the current condition of Indonesia’s oil and gas was presented to give students the most updated information. At last, what the government has planned and some forecasts for the oil and gas market in the future were also presented in the class.

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