Figure 1. The Juries and the 2nd Category Winners

Jakarta, 22 August 2020. To commemorate Heroes Day on 10 November 2020 this year, Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center held a Children Storytelling Competition with the theme of Indonesia’s Heroes. The activity was carried out online and the participants were divided into 2 age groups. The first group was for children aged 7-9 years and the second one was for 10-12 years old. Referring to the theme of this year’s National Heroes Day commemoration, which is My Heroes of All Time, PYC felt the need to cultivate respect and honor for the services of our Nation’s heroes from as early as elementary school. The competition began in early November with participants making a video, telling a story of a specific national hero and uploaded it onto their personal social media. A total of 83 participants from 11 provinces in Indonesia joined in and uploaded their videos on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. From there, the committee then chose 10 finalists from each age groups to have them read their stories in front of the judges on Saturday, 28 November 2020. The judging was conducted online and streamed live on the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center official YouTube channel at 10.00 WIB. There were stories from 10 heroes read by the finalists based on a raffle held at the technical meeting.

In her opening remarks, Amelia Yusgiantoro as the Secretary of the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center expressed her hope that the children would want to get to know more on their nation‘s heroes and their services for Indonesia, as well as to nurse their interest in literacy in the digital era. Due to the pandemic, PYC enforced strict health protocols, hence the decision to held this competition online.

There were four judges in this competition and they were Riahna Jamin Gintings, daughter of Jamin Gintings, one of our national heroes; Lt. Gen. Ediwan R Prabowo from the Nawacita Research Institute; Awam Prakoso, a storyteller and founder of Kampung Dongeng community; and the last one was Febria Yusgiantoro representing Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC). The judges were quite impressed by the performances of the finalists both in terms of the presentation and the content of the stories. Riahna Jamin Gintings, for example, was amazed at one of the finalists managed to get some photos of her family while telling a story on her father.

In this competition, PYC considered all finalists as champions and the Grand Final was only to determine the order of the winners.


The followings were the winners from the first age group:

  1. Jasmine Jannata Amalina Budianto, 2nd grade of MIN 10 Blitar.
  2. Tara D.J. Suprapto, 1st grade of SD Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi – West Jakarta.
  3. Ufairah Farzana Prasetya, 2nd grade of SD Unggulan Asyiyah Bantul.
  4. Sophia Annabelle Thie, 3rd grade of SD Santa Laurensia Tangerang.
  5. Venanzio Sas Camerino, 3rd grade of SD Yos Sudarso 1 Batam.
  6. Marcellinus Natan Bianto, 4th grade of SDK Materdei South Tangerang.
  7. Jocelyn Kayla Surjono, 3rd grade of SD Santa St. Theresia Jakarta.
  8. Ignacio Prajnayaka, 2nd grade of SD Pangudi Luhur Jakarta.
  9. Rafa Muhammad Hatta, 3rd grade of SD Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta.
  10. Alkhalifi Rasya Anwadira, 3rd grade of MIT AR ROIHAN Lawang districts-Malang regency.
Figure 2. The Juries and the 1st Category Winners

And here were the winners from the second age group:

  1. M Valiant Faza Syafiq Al Fatich, 4th grade of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah 10 Blitar.
  2. Binar Mutiara Yahya, 4th grade of SD Negeri Ungaran 1 Yogyakarta.
  3. Quinta Alayya, 6th grade of SD Negeri Cikumpa Sukmajaya Depok, West Java.
  4. Bilqis Nafizah Kistya Hanum, 5th grade of SD Tengah 06 Pagi, East Jakarta.
  5. Dina Alifia Fauzi, 5th grade of MIN 1 Bantul Yogyakarta.
  6. Ali El Muntazar Rabbani, 5th grade of SDN Pademangan Timur 01 North Jakarta.
  7. Queen Aisyah Hatta, 6th grade of Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta.
  8. Salwa Amalia Kaysan, 4th grade of SDN Jagakarsa 01 Pagi, South Jakarta.
  9. Nabila Aira Sugeharu, 4th grade of SDN Cibuluh 1 Bogor, West Java.
  10. Clarita Gloria Nenoliu, 6th grade of SD Inpres Oebesa, City of Soe, South Middle East Regency, NTT.


In addition to the winners based on the judges’ assessment, there were also a favorite finalist from each age group that was determined by a survey using survey monkey and the winners were:

  • Favorite finalist for first age group: Jocelyn Kayla Surjono from SD St. Theresia Jakarta.
  • Favorite finalist for second age group: Clarita Gloria Nenoliu from SD Inpres Oebesa, NTT.

The Grand Final, held on National Storytelling Day, lasted for approximately 3 hours and was finished by 13.00 WIB.

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