Figure 1 An interactive FGD session in formulating a common ground for a sustainable biodiesel in Indonesia

The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) attended a two days’ workshop by Coaction Indonesia held in Aston Hotel Bogor on December 17 – 18, 2018. The workshop focused on the topic of “Collaborative Action Workshop in Achieving Sustainable Biodiesel” and aimed to formulate and initiate an action on defining the sustainability standard of biodiesel. The workshop was opened by a presentation by Coaction team which covered their research on the sustainability of biodiesel in Indonesia, especially regarding the implemented sustainability standard.

Several Focus Group Discussion (FGD) sessions were held during the workshops to produce a common ground on the definition of biodiesel sustainability. From the FGDs, the participants agreed that the sustainability standard should be measured starting from the plantation (upstream) to the consumers (downstream) which means the effect of Land Use Changes (LUC) has to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it is understood that the sustainability standard should cover the social, economy and environment aspects.

At the end of the forum, a working group with a focus on the biodiesel sustainability framework was initiated to coordinate a group action to achieve sustainable biodiesel utilization in Indonesia.

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