The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC), as a non-profit organization with a focus on the energy sector, is devoted to independent and in-depth research in order to provide policy solutions and/or recommendations in research fields of energy and natural resources at the local, national and global level. PYC places great emphasis on current issues and challenges in energy and natural resources sector that have a significant impact on Indonesia’s sustainable development. In celebration of PYC’s 2nd anniversary, as well to stimulate research in energy law, governance, and policy, PYC is holding a paper competition with a focus on “Energy Law, Governance, & Policy.” Please submit your paper through email to

Due to the numerous requests by the participants, the Purnomo Yusgiantoto Center (PYC) has decided to extend the submission deadline for the PYC’s 2nd-anniversary paper competition. The deadline is extended until 16th of July, 2018.

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