Figure 1. Opening speech by Shane Akeroyd, president of IHS Markit Asia

Thursday, 12 September 2019, the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) attended an Energy Outlook Seminar on Exploring Transition by IHS Markit in Jakarta. There were four presentations by IHS Markit representation and a presentation from SKK Migas as Indonesia’s government representation, which was followed by an executive panel session. The presentations from IHS Markit including crude oil market outlook, the energy transition, upstream supply chain industry trends, as well as creating momentum and success in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the strategies on maintaining the oil and gas production in Indonesia was presented by SKK Migas.

The first presentation on the crude oil market outlook emphasized on the unsteady state of the crude oil market from both supply and demand. One of the main causes was projected will come from the geopolitical issue, such as United States and China trade war. The second presentation was on energy transition which was focused on how the fossil fuel industry should cope with the accelerating energy transition. The third one discussed the economics and market fundamentals behind the upstream supply chain. And the last presentation from IHS Markit focused on how exploration activities will be the key to creating momentum and success in Indonesia oil and gas industry. The event was ended with an executive panel session, which involves SKK Migas Deputy of Planning, Pertamina Upstream Director, BP Berau Ltd. Head of Country, and Director of Repsol Indonesia Business Unit.

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