Figure 1. The speakers and respondents of the FGD TNI

Tentara Nasional Indonesia held a Focus Group Discussion to gather perspectives on the role of TNI and global challenge in 2045. The event took a place in Jakarta 28 August 2019. The participants of the FGD were TNI AD, TNI AU, and TNI AL. The speakers of the event are Laksdya TNI Ir. Achmad Djamaludin, M.A.P. (Dewan Ketahanan Nasional); Eka Chandra Buana (Bappenas); Dinna Wisnu, Ph.D. and Andi Wijayanto. The event also invited two respondents, Marsekal TNI (Purn.) Djoko Suyanto, S.Ip. and Letjen TNI (Purn.) Dr. Yoedhi Swastanto, M.B.A.

The first speaker, Achmad Djamaludin, spoke on a topic of development of TNI Posture for 2045 and national security. He addressed the potential and current threats spectrum for Indonesia. He also mentioned about technology-driven and concept-driven of revolution in the military affair. The next speaker, Dinna Wisnu, Ph.D., highlighted a topic of how international power is re-distributed. She shared a perspective from international affairs, economic, and political points of view. She highlighted some important issues such as modern defense economy, digital economy, climate change, maritime security and safety, transnational organized crime, non-proliferation of nuclear, and connectivity. Eka Chandra Buana, as the next speaker, highlighted the relation of economic development and defense development. He mentioned the development of economy requires national security and political stability. The last speaker, Andi Widjajanto highlighted the potential threats and military doctrines development. He highlighted the planning should consider the dynamics in defence sector.

Djoko Suyanto, the first responder, emphasized the importance of planning consistency with some challenges such as leadership transition, sectoral ego, and consistency. He also highlighted the human resource as an important issue in planning. Yoedhi Setyanto highlighted future projection of military posture which considers technology development, interrupt ability, operation readiness, defense industry, and regional cooperation.

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