Figure 1. Mr Suminto delivered his speech about researcher’s role.

On December 3rd, 2019 PYC attended the Indonesian Treasury Review Journal (ITRev) Seminar with a theme “Research-Based Policy: Peran Peneliti dan Hasil Penelitian terhadap Kualitas Jurnal” at Kemenkeu Corporate University, Badiklat Keuangan Kemenkeu, Jakarta. This event was to commemorate the ITRev achievement of getting the 2nd rank of Sinta  accreditation (accreditaion system for national journal). On the welcome speech, it was stated that the ITRev needed four years progress to reach the 2nd rank. The seminar was divided into two sessions (Main Seminar and Panel Seminar). The Main Seminar was delivered by Mr. Suminto (Assistant Minister for Macroeconomy and International Finance). On his speech, he stated that research output could provide insights that can be used in the making of public policy. The next seminar was divided into five Panel Seminars. The papers presented in the panel sessions will be published in the ITRev next issue. The overall seminar was ended on 3.30 PM with the certificate distribution for the speakers and participants.


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