Figure 1. Alexander Rangelov (CEO IPS) explain about EXERON Technologies to the participants

Indonesia Defense University (IDU), The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) and International Power Supply (IPS) Bulgaria held a joint research event in Sorong, West Papua Province on August 28 – 29, 2018. The event began with presentation and discussion to the stakeholders in Swiss-Belhotel Sorong on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The speakers are Rear Admiral Sulistiyanto, S.E., M.M., M.Sc., P.S.C (Dean of the Defense Management of IDU), First Admiral Dadi Hartanto, M.Tr (Han) (Chief of Staff of Navy Fleet III Indonesian Navy), Alexander Rangelov (Chief Executive Officer of IPS Bulgaria), and Colonel (Navy) Dr. Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro, M.Si (Secretary of Energy Security Program IDU). The session was moderated by Mirza Laharsya Suarga (Student of Energy Security Program IDU).

This presentation was attended by various institutions. Such as the Navy Fleet III Indonesian Navy, Marine Forces 3, Naval Main Base XIV Sorong, Military Resort Command 171 / Praja Vira Tama,  State Electricity Company of Sorong Area, Representative of Regent, Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council of Sorong Area and Local Government of Sorong West Papua. The presentation was about joint research collaboration between IDU, PYC, and IPS with the theme of “The Benefits of Implementing Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia.”

Rear Admiral Sulistiyanto, S.E., M.M., M.Sc., P.S.C talked about the importance of research and community service in the college activity. He said that joint research between IDU, PYC, and IPS in the military base in Sorong is very important. One of the important reason is that a large base for the Indonesian Navy is being built in Sorong and Sorong was chosen because of its many potential resources from new and renewable energy.  The parties involved in the joint research were excited to contribute to increasing the electrification ratio in Sorong.

Colonel (Navy) Dr. Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro, M.Si., as the leader of the team of joint research, explained that the remote area in Indonesia need electricity. For example, in Sorong West Papua, the electrification ratio (ER) is around 61.42%, lower than the National ER (95.35%). He said that Mr. Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, has a vision and mission of the Indonesian development called “Nawa Cita” which includes a program focused on electricity development in Indonesia.

The territory of Indonesia has enormous potential in renewable energy. Especially in the eastern region where there is a potential resource of solar energy so that it can reduce dependence on fossil energy. In 2017, the national electrification ratio (ER) reached 95.35 %, but for some regions, it is still lacking. For example in Sorong West Papua (ER 61.42%) and Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara (ER 59.85%). In this joint research study will be conducted and plans for the Solar Home System (SHS) pilot project installation in Sorong West Papua.

First Admiral Dadi Hartanto, M.Tr (Han) thanked the research team for choosing the military base in Sorong, especially Navy Fleet III and Marine Forces 3 military base. He explained that during the time, electricity in Sorong West Papua went through frequent blackouts. For the military base, electricity is very important to access and support the regional defense. There are currently a number of a small-scale solar power system in several naval posts near the remote area, but a majority are not functioning. The hope is that IPS, UNHAN and PYC research team would be able to help in solving the problems and provide solutions for electricity in the military base.

Alexander Rangelov promised to help in resolving the problem of electricity in Sorong, particularly in the military base. He said that IPS have EXERON technologies, which is the technologies suitable to install in the military base. EXERON technologies have a hybrid system that can be combined with backup energy sources such as from PT PLN or existing diesel generators. IPS guarantee that the technology will be able to operate in any kind of conditions in Sorong. One important point is that EXERON technologies is certified by NATO military certification (AOAP 2110) and was patented in the USA. For the first time, IPS will be installing a pilot project for the EXERON technologies which includes Solar Home System (SHS) in the military base in Sorong.

Figure 2. Joint Research team Visit to the Marine Forces 3 development area in Salawati, Sorong, West Papua

After the presentation and discussion event, the joint research team visited the Marine Forces 3 military base in Salawati, Sorong. The team visited alternative locations for the SHS and EXERON technologies installation. The visit was accompanied by Naval Base Commander XIV Sorong First Admiral Rachmad Jayadi, M.Tr (Han) and all assistants, Commander of the 3rd Marine Infantry Brigade with all staff and Assistant of Planning of the Navy Fleet III.

Figure 3. Joint research team meets Chief of Staff of Navy Fleet III

On the next day (August 29, 2018), the joint research team visit to the Navy Fleet III military base. The team accepted by First Admiral Dadi Hartanto, M.Tr (Han) (Chief of Staff of Navy Fleet III Indonesian Navy). In the fleet, the team coordinates and meets with the chief of staff with the representative of the army. After that, the team left for the Waisai Navy Post and Raja Ampat to observe the mini – scale of the solar power system. In Raja Ampat, where solar power system is very important to produce electricity to support tourism activities.

Figure 4. Solar Panel in Raja Ampat

Figure 5. Joint research team visit Waisai Navy Post

The last day (August 30, 2018) a joint research team visited the Naval Base Commander XIV Sorong. The team made a visit to conduct territorial coordination and permit of the research in the region. The Naval Base Commander XIV Sorong is supervising the command of the territorial sea area. All of the patrols and naval posts visited by the team included a navy post with a solar power system is under the Naval Base Commander XIV Sorong command.

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