Figure 1. The questions and answers sessions of the speakers of “Breakthrough for Domestic Gas Infrastructure” session

Association of Oil and Gas Production Facility (IAFMI) held the oil and gas production facility forum (FFPMI) in Semarang on 9-11 July 2019. The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) participated in this forum to learn about the oil and gas industry innovation towards industry 4.0. On the second day, one of the panel sessions talked about “The Design and Technology”, which was divided into three sessions: Breakthrough for Domestic Gas Infrastructure, Technology Optimization for Marginal Field Development, and Technology in Oil and Gas. The speakers were from PT PGN, Pertagas Niaga, energy industries, Telkomsel, and many others. Some speakers highlighted the economic development of CNG and LNG in Indonesia, while others explained the technical aspects for the oil and gas industry. In summary, the oil and gas industry in Indonesia still has rooms for improvements and technology needs to be adopted and developed to maximize the country’s potential.

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