Our call for papers program requires every entry to go through a rigorous selection process to determine whether the topic and the content are suitable for the presentation of the conference.

Selection involves the double-blind peer review as a core method to ensure the objectivity of the process.

Accepted papers will be demonstrated in two main forms: oral and poster presentation on the 30th of November, 2017 at PYC INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE 2017.


  • Decarbonising Energy in Bali with Solar Photovoltaic: GIS Based Evaluation On Grid Connected System
    • By: Ami Raisya Syanalia
  • Planning the Electrification of Rural Villages in East Nusa Tenggara Using Renewable Energy Generation
    • By: Jannata Giwangkara & Bart Van Campen
  • Preliminary Study of Hydrogen Production from Banana Waste Using In-Liquid Plasma Method
    • By: Novriany Amaliyah, A. Erwin Eka Putra, Azwar Hayat & Ismail
  • Turning a Liability into an Asset: How the Challenge of Powering Indonesia’s Remote Grids is an Opportunity to Shape Cutting-Edge Energy Policy
    • By: James Guild
  • The Role of Oil and Gas Industry on Sustainable Development in Cirebon
    • By: Djoko Sunarjanto, Suliantara, Rudy Raditya Setiadji, Panuju & Ongki Ari Prayoga
  • Investigation of the Price Linkage Between Asian LNG Spot and Far East Asian LNG Prices and Its Implications
    • By: Muhammad Anas Pradipta
  • Energy Consumption, Income and Price Interactions in Indonesia Economy: A Vector Autoregression Analysis
    • By: Ayatullah M. Sholeh
  • Meeting Exploration Strategy for the Future National Energy Sustainability Based On Statistical Analysis of Commercial Reserves and Production Cost in Indonesia
    • By: Ahmad Abdul Azizurrofi & Dian Permatasari Mashari
  • Study of Gas Resources Utilization of Tangguh, Masela and Kasuri Blocks for East Indonesia Regional Development
    • By: Tutuka Ariadji, Luky Yusgiantoro, Djoko Sunarjanto, D. Sismartono, Wisnu P. Taher, Arsegianto & D. Susanto
  • The Analysis of Volatility Transmission between Oil Price, Gold Price and USD Exchange Rate at Different Oil Price Era
    • By: Fikri Permana & Andrew Toedjono
  • New Renewable Energy Investment: Potential Funding of Electricity Power Project with the role of Customers as Investors through Solar Cell Photovoltaic Rooftop Business Model
    • By: Kevin Marsahala Siahaan
  • Enhancing Energy Security through Utilization of Local Resources Case Study: Biomass Utilization in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan
    • By: Indradarma Adiwibowo, Dita Anggun Lestari & David Manulu


  • Preference System to Improve Quality and Accuracy of Investment Opportunities Selection of Renewable Energy Generation in Indonesia
    • By: Abdurrahman Arum
  • Forecasting Renewable Energy Potency from Waste Sector 
    • By: Cut Keumala Banaget & Rosna Malika
  • Trace Elements Characteristics in Riau Area Granitoid: Influence Granitoid Magmatism Discrimination towards Uranium and Thorium Deposits on North Bangka, Bangka Island
    • By: Rian Pebriansyah
  • Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) Potential in South Sumatra Basin
    • By: M. Mufarrid Ash Shabuur & Faizal Waily
  • Analysing Potential Waste of Corn Stalk and Corn Cob as an Alternative Renewable Energy to Support Achievement of Mixed Energy for Achieving National Energy Security
    • By: Isna Royana & Aris Rismunandar
  • Performance of Low Flow Water Turbines with Bowl Shaped Blades
    • By: Luther Sule & Andi Amijoyo Mochtar
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Various Remediation Techniques of Produced Water from Oil and Gas Industry Activities
    • By: Rani Agustiani, Khusnul Khotimah & Nugroho Adi Sasongko
  • Technical Challenges of Shale Gas Development as a Path to Energy Security: From Geological, Geophysical and Petroleum Engineering Perspective
    • By: Hanaga Simabrata & Chaedar Indra Pramana
  • Utilizing Switchgrass to Produce Fermentable Sugar via Sulfonic Acid Solid Catalyst (SASC) Pretreatment
    • By: Yane O. Ansanay & Frans A. Asmuruf
  • Comprehensive Review of Factors Affecting Oil Price Changes based on Statistical Behavior of Prices, Fundamental Aspects, and Speculation
    • By: Fatimah L. Pratami, Avininda F. A. Priastuti & Williman Angtony
  • Implementation of Tax Incentive in Renewable Energy Power Plant Project
    • By: Mutiara Nurzahra Hanifa & Theresia Endah Karini Hindriadita
  • Chasing Back the Glory of Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Investment: What and How to Do?
    • By: Rizky Kurniawan Wardana, Yanuaria Satya Dwi &  Sunjaya Eka Saputra
  • Enabling Community Participation for Social Innovation in the Energy Sector
    • By: Ibnu Budiman
  • The Roles of Copper Industry in Energy Security in Indonesia
    • By: Aleksandra Purba
  • Diversification Policy Analysis of Energy Substitution from Fuel Oil to Gas Fuel for Indonesian Transportation -Converter Kit Case Study-
    • By: Bellyn Mey Cendy, Anita Dwi Suprapty & Nugroho Adi Sasongko
  • Developing of Fuel Cell Technology for National Electricity in order to Improve National Energy Security
    • By: Febria Suryaningrum & Rika Lumban Gaol
  • The Design of Prospective Potential of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in Indonesia as the Solutions to Overcome National Energy Resilience Problem and Assets for Global Competition
    • By: Abdurrahman Saputra, Faried Ardian Putranto, Pramu Cahyadi, Berta Beni, Venny Ayu & Syafriani
  • Design and Manufacture Hybrid Tidal-Photovoltaic Power Generation System for Coastal Area
    • By: Ahmad Fadli, Fajril Akbar, Amun Amri & Yusiran
  • Testimation of Indonesia’s Energy Demand to 2030 and Alternative Scenario to Reduce Oil Dependence
    • By: Dwi Atty Mardiana & R.S. Trijana Kartoatmojo
  • Analysis of Biogas Utilization as Renewable Energy to Achieve National Energy Security (Case Study in the Hamlet of Sambeng II, Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta)
    • By: Anisa Anggraeni, Asmah Sahfitri & Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro


  • General National Energy Plan (RUEN) – Presented by Dwi Hary Soeryadi
  • East Natuna: Is it Hydrocarbon or Carbon Dioxide Field? – Presented by Noezran Azwar
  • A Concept of Energy Security: The Case of Indonesia – Presented by Donny Yusgiantoro
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