Figure 1. The PYC Researchers and the Swen IT team.

On May 15, 2019, Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) researchers visited PT Swen Inovasi Transfer (Swen IT) in Ciomas, Bogor. Swen IT produces biogas reactor made of fiberglass and also modified some existing electrical appliances to be compatible with biogas usage, such as water heater, stove, and oven. Mr. Fadli welcomed the researchers and showed the Swen IT surrounding.

Mr. Fadli explained how the biogas reactor works, including both the inputs needed for the reactor and the expected output. The main input for the biogas reactor is cow manure, which can be combined with chicken or sheep manure as well as organic food waste. Human manure can also be used as an input as long as it does not mix with soap water. The combination of these inputs will influence the quality of the biogas that can be produced with cow manure as the best input. In addition to the biogas, the formed slurry can be utilized as an organic fertilizer. To compete with the existing fertilizer in the market, husk charcoal, eggshell, and farm lime are added into the fertilizer to improve its quality

Figure 2. Products of Swen IT. (Left) Biogas reactor; (Middle) Tractor using biogas; (Right) Water heater using biogas

Swen IT produces biogas reactor in various sizes and can be adjusted to the demand as well. For example, Swen IT could produce a 4m3 biogas reactor which requires a 18m2  land area. This biogas reactor is suitable for 2 cows. On the other hand, a 17m3 biogas reactor is suitable for 25 cows. Apart from that, Mr. Fadli also mentioned that the quality of inputs into the reactor and also the local area characteristics (existence of landslide) could affect the biogas reactor lifetime. Normally, if there is no any problem, then the expected lifetime of this biogas reactor is around 30 years.

In the end, there was a brief discussion among the researchers,  Ms. Sri Wahyuni (founder of Swen IT), and Ms. Renita about the biogas reactor system and its application as well as its distribution in Indonesia.

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