Picture 1. Hilman Fathoni (PYC) opened the sharing session by introducing about geothermal energy

In manifesting the goals of knowledge provision, Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) conducted its first ever edition of the Knowledge Sharing Series with the geothermal energy at the heart of the conversation. Taking place on August 30, 2017, the sharing session went on for nearly 3 hours. The sharing itself aimed at galvanizing the knowledge exchange among attendants in a casual, informal vibe. Those who were present are indeed multidisciplinary in their background, hailing from economics to social science as well engineering disciplines.

To get things underway, a brief presentation was delivered by Hilman Fathoni, a PYC research team representative, outlining some introductory approach to what the geothermal energy is and how they are classified. The presentation was also intended to induce common understanding and further discussions on the topic. During all presentations, participants immediately ask away the questions to the presenters or propose their own inputs which made a whole discussion much more relaxed in nature.

Picture 2. Sharing session among participants on geothermal energy development in Indonesia

The sharing session also hosted the presence of two experts in the geothermal sector, namely Mr. Antonius Bintarto and Mr. Agus Danar, an Indonesian senior who has been working in the geothermal sector for decades. Subsequently, Mr. Antonius proceeded to present his materials regarding a broader subject of geothermal energy, from its use to technical and economical aspect of its development. Mr. Antonius Bintarto and Mr. Agus Danar, both also emphasized the magnitude of potential Indonesia has in terms of geothermal energy and further elaborated some issues that stall advancement in geothermal energy development. Some notable challenges typically lie on its intensive capital requirement combined with funding deficiency as well as barriers in bureaucracy and the length of field development. Additionally, Mr. Agus Danar also added several insights regarding the solution to the riddle of the geothermal sector, both from the angle of regulatory aspects as well as its economics perspective.

The first session of this initiative undoubtedly saw an amazing cohort of participants with so many yet diverse questions were brought up during the conversation. Several participants felt that the session provided them with new insights and awareness regarding the majestic, yet largely untapped potential of Indonesia’s geothermal power. The demand for another round of Knowledge Sharing Series has also certainly been put on the table and PYC looks forward to seeing new and familiar faces and fresh ideas in our future program.

Picture 3. The potential direct use application of geothermal to industry and agriculture

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