Figure 1. The Ensight Speakers and Moderator.

Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) conducted The Energy Insight (The Ensight) for the second time and it was live-streamed through the official PYC YouTube channel on October 24th, 2020. The theme of this event was “Rethinking Energy-Climate Relations in Indonesia.” This theme was selected to increase the public awareness of climate change issues in recent days and how this issue is interconnected with the energy sector. Tiza Mafira, Associate Director of Climate Policy Initiative, and Beni Suryadi, Project Manager of ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project (ACCEPT), were invited as main speakers. The webinar was opened by Filda Yusgiantoro, Chairperson of PYC, followed by presentations from the two distinguished speakers, and concluded with questions and answers session.

Tiza highlighted the significant damage that will occur if the climate change issue is poorly managed. The damage varies from coral reef decline, species extinction, food scarcity, social and economic issues. A carbon pricing scheme can be one of the options that should be exercised. However, it should be well designed and calculated in order to enhance climate change mitigation. Beni emphasized that climate change issues should not only be addressed in environmental sectors, but also in other related sectors, including energy sector.

In brief, climate change should be mitigated immediately by encouraging every stakeholder and related sectors to work together for a better future.

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