Research Fellow

Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) offers an opportunity for outstanding people with advanced degrees and relevant professional experiences in the energy sector to join PYC as a research fellow. The research fellow program aims to facilitate exceptional people to join the PYC research team on a project basis. The program is a great way to contribute to energy research without a mandatory full dedication as a PYC researcher.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Hold an advanced degree (minimum master degree) in energy, economic, public policy, international relations, law, and other relevant backgrounds;
  2. Have a deep understanding of Indonesia’s energy sector;
  3. Have experiences and ability to conduct high-quality research in economics, financing, modelling, and/or policy planning with proven qualitative or quantitative methodology;
  4. Have already a research proposal for conducting a research;
  5. Do not affiliate with other energy research organization

The scheme offers:

  1. Flexible working time;
  2. The opportunity to establish an energy research career;
  3. Opportunity to build networking with Indonesia’s energy stakeholders and academic fellows’;
  4. Incentives and access to PYC resources to pursue a high-quality research.

Duration and value:

  1. Have access to PYC network and facilities such as meeting room, data, email address;
  2. PYC will not provide a basic monthly salary;
  3. PYC will grant incentives for research fellows based on the contribution to the number of:
  • research projects, along with his/her appointed research team.
  • research paper in a journal and co-authored with the appointed member(s) at PYC.
  • article/opinion published in mass media and co-authored with the appointed member(s) at PYC.
  • participation as a speaker in energy events (seminar/conference).

Application process:

Resume/CV, cover letter, research proposal and other supporting documents should be submitted to this link:

The application will go through the review process. The applicant will be notified of the result of the review application process through email. Selected applicants will be interviewed online/offline.