Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) aims to be a leading research center with a strong focus in energy security by conducting integrated studies from technical, economics and policies perspectives to generate a broad strategic view in the energy and natural resources sectors. 

As a knowledge hub in energy and natural resources, PYC produces high-quality research to assess current issues and to provide recommendations and solutions on complex problems related to energy and natural resources. Playing a significant role in these sectors, PYC regularly conducts research projects and publishes them in various forms such as research reports, podcasts, infographics, opinions, and data center.

PYC also holds events to disseminate knowledge and discussion on the energy sector, such as national and international forums, workshops and conferences. PYC has also engaged with other key external stakeholders, academicians and the young generation by organizing national and international seminars.

Through one of its works, PYC has also launched “Indonesian Journal of Energy” or IJE. The academic journal aims to be a leading platform for researchers and academicians to share their research output to the public. The selected research articles are expected to have a significant contribution to the energy sector at the local, national or global area.


Research projects:

Internal and collaborative research


  • Knowledge Sharing Series
  • Focus Group Discussions


  • Indonesian Journal of Energy (IJE)
  • Research Reports and Discussion Reports
  • Books and Proceedings
  • The Opinion
  • Data & Statistics
  • Podcasts and Energy News
  • Infographics and Educational Videos


  • International Energy Conference (IEC)
  • Forums, Seminars and Webinars
  • Educational Courses
  • Workshops
  • The Ensight