Figure 1. The moderator and speakers of the event; from left to right: Juris Bramantyo, Mada Ayu Habsari, Gabrella Sabrina, Verena Puspawardani and Faela Sufa.

As part of the Ruang Aksi Program, Coaction Indonesia organized The 10th Ruang Aksi on 27 March 2019, at Gowork fX Sudirman. They presented “Women and Renewable Energy” as the main topic and invited four incredible women to speak their mind on women contribution in the energy sector as well as women’s view on the future of renewable energy. PYC also delegated one of their woman researcher to attend the event. The first speaker was Mada Ayu Habsari, the Managing Director of Watala Capital and one of the few women who brought renewable energy business to Indonesia through her company PT Arya Watala Cipta. She advised women to be more involved and curtailing the stigma of men domination in the energy sector. As an English literature graduate, she highlighted that the irrelevant educational background should not be an obstacle if one posseses the eagerness and willingness to learn new things. 

The next speaker was Gabrella Sabrina as the representation of the Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (The Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy). She showed the relation between women with energy in their daily activities such as electricity in their household, fuel for cooking as well as for transportation. Homemakers should have a knowledge of clean and renewable energy since women usually take a major role in providing energy for families. The women awareness for renewable energy will not only affect the current condition but could also trigger future generation’s understanding in the concept of renewable energy. 

The third speaker was the representative of Coaction Indonesia itself, Verena Puspawardani. She delivered the reason behind the chosen theme which was to make renewable energy as one of the most popular discussion topics in society. Renewable energy should not only be discussed by the professionals and stakeholders, but also by everyone including the young generation and women. Coaction Indonesia believed that renewable energy has had succeeded in bringing more than eight million green jobs in 2012 and will increase even further if the government gave more opportunities for renewable energy industries to be developed in Indonesia. 

The last speaker came from Forum Energi Muda (Young Energy Forum) represented by Faela Sufa. Young Energy Forum is a group of young and initiative people with ideas to bring energy discussion in  a more inclusive ways. The energy sector was known as an area dominated by male and older-generation. However, younger generations are now getting more keen in understanding and getting involve in the energy sector. The regular energy discussions within the younger generations should be geared towards a more sophisticated discussions to educate these generations the importance of energy transition, from fossil fuel to renewable energy. 

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