Indonesia needs to address the conceptualization of energy security to help policies’ formulation. Indonesia follows the concept of four As for its energy security. Currently, Indonesia has a strong dependence on fossil fuels, depicted by its higher consumption than domestic production. In 2020, fossil energy accounted for 88.7% of Indonesia’s energy mix, and the remaining was contributed by renewable energy. As a result, Indonesia has a high expenditure on imported fuel, LPG, and other petroleum products to guarantee its availability. Moreover, Indonesia’s subsidy policy has maintained the people’s purchasing power, despite its justice needs to be further assessed.

Indonesia’s SDGs targets are still progressing, with Indonesia’s SDG7 (affordable and clean energy) target is in the on-track category, while SDG13 (climate action) is in the stagnant category. Thus, without solid commitment, Indonesia may not be able to reduce the 29% and 41% of GHG emissions conditionally by international aid by 2030. Hence, the key to enhancing the sustainability aspect of energy security lies in the synchronization of energy and climate action. Specifically, energy diversification has to be accelerated, and it requires all stakeholders’ involvement to solve these issues.

We Focus on three issues as in the following: the role of fossil energy in the energy transition; the role of electricity in Net Zero Emissions; and the development of new and renewable energy to strengthen energy security.


By Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center
Writers Team:
– Massita Ayu Cindy Putriastuti
– Akhmad Hanan
– I Dewa Made Raditya Margenta
– Haryanto
– Budi Prayogo Sunariyanto
– Vivi Fitriyanti
– Felicia Grace Ratnasari Utomo
– Mayora Bunga Swastika
– Vivid Amalia Khusna
– Dr. Ir. Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
– Dr. Pri Agung Rakhmanto (Reforminer Institute)
– Anissa Suharsono, B.Sc., M.Sc (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
– Luky A. Yusgiantoro, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center)
– Inka B. Yusgiantoro, B.S.E., M.S., M.S.E., M.A., Ph.D. (Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center)
– Filda C. Yusgiantoro, S.T., M.B.M., M.B.A., PH.D. (Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center)

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