Figure 1. The Panelists of the Integrated Petroleum Convention and Exhibition 2020

The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) attended the Integrated Petroleum Convention and Exhibition 2020 (IPCONVEX 2020) seminar on Saturday, February 22, 2020, at Institut Teknologi Bandung. IPCONVEX 2020 took a theme of “Balancing Petroleum and Geothermal Energy to Fulfil Indonesia Energy Needs.” The seminar began with a keynote speech from Mr. Irwandy Arif, Expert Staff Member of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KESDM). The speech covered numerous energy issues in Indonesia, such as oil and gas investment conditions, coal gasification road map, geothermal impacts on energy supply and carbon emission, as well as biodiesel utilization. This first session also invited Mr. Ediar Usman, Chair of the Energy Crisis Management and Supervision Facility Bureau at the National Energy Council (DEN). Mr. Ediar Usman highlighted the main problems in Indonesia’s energy sector, for instance, declining national oil production, uncompetitive renewable energy price and absence of national energy reserve. He also showed the progress of Indonesia’s energy security status and renewable energy contribution to the national energy mix.

Following the keynote speech session, Mr. Andi W. Bachtiar, VP of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) at Pertamina EP, and Mr. Wisnu Nugroho, Director of PT. Ganesha Patra Sejahtera,  gave presentations on EOR planning and utilization in Indonesia. Lastly, the second plenary session talked about the progress of geothermal energy in Indonesia. This plenary session was delivered by Mr. Yudistian Yunis, Director of PT PLN Gas and Geothermal and Mrs. Nenny M. Saptadji, Lecturer of Geothermal Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

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