Our deepest appreciation for all the participants for your enthusiasm in following this PYC’s Paper Competition. Here we presented five best papers based on the juries comprehensive evaluations:

1. The Legality of Oil & Gas Production Sharing Contract Gross Split Scheme
By Fakharsyah Hanif Sugiyartomo

2.Sustainable Development Assessment on North Jakarta using Indicators and PLS-SEM
By Lilyana Jap

3. Providing the Greatest Benefit for Indonesian People Through Balancing the Position of PLN and Independent Power Producers in Indonesian Electricity Industry
By Ulya Yasmine Prisandani and Belinda Larasati Mursidi

4. An Effect of Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) in Coal Production to Government Revenue
By Arif Somawijaya

5. Bioenergy Governance: Fragmented Regimes in Indonesia
By Ibnu Budiman

Congratulations to the winners! The PYC’s Paper Competition Committee will notify you for more detail information.

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