Figure 1. Mr. Dwi Soetjipto opened the Joint Convention Yogyakarta 2019.

Several associations that focus on the energy sector in Indonesia (IAGI, HAGI, IATMI, and IAFMI) held their third joint convention named Joint Convention Yogyakarta 2019. This convention was held in Hotel Tentrem, Yogyakarta, by bringing the theme of Toward Massive Exploration and Maximizing Undeveloped Resources. The convention was held on November 26-28, 2019.

The joint convention was opened by a keynote speech from Dwi Soetjipto (Head of Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities/SKK Migas). Mr. Soetjipto highlighted the role of SKK Migas on facing the future challenges in the oil and gas (O&G) industry, especially in achieving one billion oil per day production target. The challenges were the declining of oil production, speeding up resource, and EOR implementation. Mr. Soetjipto suggested that Pertamina should be the leading oil and gas company in Indonesia and became the role model for other companies. Meanwhile, data arrangement is vital to support the exploration, exploitation, and production processes.

SKK Migas should create a good investment climate in the oil and gas industry and change the common mindset that there will be a giant discovery. In the second session, Dr. Ir. Rudy Suhendar, M.Sc. explained how the application of technology and speeding up O&G exploration would help Indonesia on increasing the lifting of O&G in Indonesia. He also said the current realization of oil and gas lifting in 2019 was 1794 MBOEPD and did not fulfill the target, which was set on 2025 MBOEPD. Then, the event followed by multiple panel sessions that discussed future opportunities and challenges in the energy sector in Indonesia.


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